iPhone vs Pro Camera Shoot Out!
It doesn’t cost more to have your listing photographed professionally by our Marketing Team!
The iPhone (or any other compact camera for that matter) is no match for a professional level DSLR when it comes to interior real estate.

iphone5Agents who use their iPhone to shoot their real estate listings tend to shoot several images of the same room because they can’t capture the entire room in a single shot. Here are just a few examples we have assembled. All of these are before and after shots, most shot from the exact same location for comparison.


#202-19142 122nd Kitchen1#202-19142 122nd Kitchen2#202-19142 122nd MasterBath1#202-19142 122nd MasterBath213441 240th Kitchen113441 240th kitchen222940 126  Bath122940 126 Bath224770 102A Ave24770 102A Ave2